Friday, August 29, 2008

Serializing DOM nodes to XML in Firefox

I keep having to re-teach myself this, so I might as well post it where I can always find it!

Let 'd' be any arbitrary DOM node. To serialize the node (and its descendants) via JavaScript:

var serializer = new XMLSerializer();
var str = serializer.serializeToString( d );

Having a top-level XMLSerializer object in Mozilla is so nice. So, so nice.

But sadly, the output from the serializeToString( ) method is not the kind of XML I'd like to see. Element names come out ALL CAPS whether or not that's what you want (and it's never what I want). It also converts the greater-than and less-than symbols inside scripts to their entity equivalents, even if you enclose your scripts in CDATA sections. To me, entity substitution inside a CDATA section makes no sense whatsoever.

Still, it's handy to be able to serialize a DOM tree. Even if the tags come out ALL CAPS.


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