Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hadoop and Solr popularity continue to scale well

Blue lines: Hadoop
Red lines: Solr

A quick check of Google Trends shows that Apache Solr (the search server based on Lucene) and Hadoop (the open-source implementation of MapReduce) are popular query terms -- and becoming more popular by the day. (For links to the news stories labelled with flags 'A', 'B', 'C', etc., go to this Google Trends page.)

Likewise: Job trend data from leaves little doubt that Hadoop and Solr skills are increasingly in demand:
Bottom line? If you're a developer, enrichening your Hadoop and/or Lucene+Solr skills can only be considered a good investment.


  1. The graph on the increase in interest in the job market for this skill is fascinating. Where can we get this data for other industries. For example, if I wanted to know if there is an increase in interest in dentistry or for skills in another computer software language, where would I look?

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