Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year in blogs: Yours Truly @ CMS Watch

I wrote a number of blog posts for CMS Watch this year (40 in all, which is far more than I remember writing, actually; but Google doesn't lie). As a free service to those suffering from chronic insomnia, I hereby offer this consolidated listing of my 2009 CMS Watch blog posts, arranged chronologically.
  1. Time to Tame the Apache Menagerie (Dec 8, 2009)
  2. Day sets up shop in Boston (where tech firms go to be ... (Nov 23, 2009)
  3. RFI as rich asset (Nov 17, 2009)
  4. IBM, Lucene, and the future of search (Nov 11, 2009)
  5. Solr heads for an even sunnier future (Oct 28, 2009)
  6. Usability still improving -- improvement still needed (Oct 19, 2009)
  7. Terracotta offers bolt-on distributed caching (Oct 8, 2009)
  8. Where did all the HTML editors go? (Sep 19, 2009)
  9. New Course on Web Development Platforms (Sep 15, 2009)
  10. Thoughts on the Future of Content Management (Aug 31, 2009)
  11. Recommind productizes its categorization engine (Aug 18, 2009)
  12. Thinking beyond the RFP (Aug 3, 2009)
  13. Day reports sunny results for 1H2009 (Jul 30, 2009)
  14. Are we reaching the limits of UI buildout? (Jul 28, 2009)
  15. Interest in Lucene continues to accelerate (Jul 14, 2009)
  16. In defense of silos (Jul 9, 2009)
  17. Clickability shows how not to write a white paper (Jul 1, 2009)
  18. The Coming Acronym Crisis (Jun 25, 2009)
  19. Vignette bets big on beta-SaaS (Jun 18, 2009)
  20. In DAM, Flashy does not always mean Flex (Jun 11, 2009)
  21. At Henry Stewart DAM Symposium: A Grey New World (Jun 2, 2009)
  22. Open Text buys Vignette: Investment or impulse? (May 6, 2009)
  23. Adobe: an elephant in the DAM room? (May 4, 2009)
  24. Open Text goes to the (eye) candy store (Apr 10, 2009)
  25. We live in interesting DAM times (Apr 8, 2009)
  26. Are you investing in technology, or people? (Apr 6, 2009)
  27. It's time for seat-based software licensing to end (Mar 25, 2009)
  28. OASIS blesses UIMA - What does it mean? (Mar 20, 2009)
  29. DAM vendor Ancept under new ownership (Mar 6, 2009)
  30. A reality checklist for vendors (Feb 26, 2009)
  31. Day releases not-so-sunny financial results (Feb 25, 2009)
  32. Software vendors need to understand how the web really works (Feb 17, 2009)
  33. Thoughts on Google Monoculture and the Cloud (Jan 31, 2009)
  34. IBM, Microsoft, and the patent mess - how to protect yourself (Jan 31, 2009)
  35. Day tries pay-as-you-go licensing (Jan 28, 2009)
  36. Startup offers commercial support for Lucene (Jan 26, 2009)
  37. What next for Interwoven? (Jan 23, 2009)
  38. Alfresco unveils a major upgrade (Jan 21, 2009)
  39. Vignette Village 2009 cancelled (Jan 14, 2009)
  40. Green IT versus blue sky (Jan 12, 2009)


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