Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Occupation spreading

For CNN's well-paid talking heads (who represent the 1% wealthiest Americans) it seems incomprehensible that a political movement with no clear agenda and no leadership hierarchy is spreading across the U.S. like wildfire. But it's true. The above map (current as of early October 2011) shows some of the planned locations for Occupation events.

Meanwhile, reporters like CNN's cutesy-faced Erin Burnett (who worked for several years on Wall St. and has a personal net worth of $12 million) are aghast at the impromptu street protests, wondering empty-headedly "what their agenda is" and snickering at the youthful innocence of the participants, going so far as to ask one of them (on her Oct. 3rd show) "Do you know that the bank bailouts benefitted the American taxpayer?"

Burnett is obviously not anxious to burn bridges with her Wall Street contacts by acting like a real journalist. Because that would require that she do actual research, ask probing questions, and get at the truth, which is that the people protesting in the streets represent the 99% of Americans who have been defrauded by Wall Street and by their government representatives (who answer to big business). The Erin Burnetts of the world are in the lucky 1%. She doesn't have to care about the 99% who are struggling. She has her cake, and eats it too, while 15% of her viewership lives on food stamps.



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