Saturday, October 11, 2008

Decimal to Hex in JavaScript

There's an easy way to get from decimal to hexadecimal in JavaScript:

  function toHex( n ) { return n.toString( 16 ); }

The string you get back may not look the way you want, though. For example, toHex(256) gives "100", when you're probably wanting "0x0100" or "0x00000100". What you need is front-padding. Just the right amount of front-padding.

// add just the right number of 'ch' characters
// to the front of string to give a new string of
// the desired final length 'dfl'

function frontPad( string, ch, dfl ) {
var array = new Array( ++dfl - string.length );
return array.join( ch ) + string;

Of course, you should ensure that 'dfl' is not smaller than string.length, to prevent a RangeError when allocating the array.

If you're wondering why "++dfl" instead of plain "dfl", stop now to meditate. Or run the code until enlightenment occurs.

At this point you can do:

  function toHex( n ) {
return "0x" + frontPad( n.toString( 16 ), 0, 8);

toHex( 256 ) // gives "0x00000100"

If you later need to use this value as a number, no problem. You can apply any numeric operation except addition on it with perfect safety. Addition will be treated as string concatenation whenever any operand is a string (that's the standard JS intepreter behavior), so if you need to do "0x00000100" + 4, you have to cast the hex-string to a number.

  n = toHex( 256 );  // "0x00000100"
typeof n // "string"
isNaN( n ) // false
x = n * n; // 65536
x = n + 256 // "0x00000100256"
x = Number( n ) + 256 // 512


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