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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Commodore 64 set for comeback

The Commodore 64 personal computer, not seen on the market since the 1980s, appears poised for a comeback.

You may recall that the original Commodore 64 (a follow-on to the earlier VIC-20) was an early home computer running on an 8-bit processor. It was one of the most popular home computers of all time, selling nearly 17 million units.

The new version will be available through the Commodore USA online store, set to open June 1, according to the company's Web site. Like the original, the new Commodore will be an all-in-one keyboard unit, but this time will feature Intel's 64-bit quad-core microprocessors and 3D graphics capabilities. The new units will also have up to 500GB of hard drive storage and 4GB of RAM. Also standard: a DVD-RW drive, a touchpad, four USB ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) port to connect monitors. No price has been announced. The original Commodore 64 listed at $595.

Reportedly, the new Commodore will run either Ubuntu Linux or (an undisclosed flavor of) Windows.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    So it's a laptop without a monitor ???

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    or battery

  3. @ano1
    Excellent idea, todays laptops has real shitty monitors with poor resolution and here you can choose your own.

    And how long lasts a laptop battery in any case?

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Really Cool stuff. I wonder if you can play games using cassette too XD

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I think it's backwards compatible with the Vic-20 :)

  6. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the original C64, other than that it has the name "Commodore" on it... :-/ Other than that, it's just another PC in a different package.

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    It would be neater if they created a new computer architecture from scratch like in the old days.

  8. Seriously misguided.

    Why would you want this? It's got all the hardware limitations of a laptop without the any of the features.

  9. > Other than that, it's just another PC in a
    > different package.

    You could possibly get it to boot & automatically run VICE. That way it'd seem to be a C64 ...

  10. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Why should anyone who recognises the name "Commodore 64" care?

    There is no particular innovation in this thing. It's just a PC inside a keyboard.

  11. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Can't wait -- but will I still have to type:
    LOAD “FILENAME”,8 ???

  12. some of ya'll are just plain stupid.. do you really know what a c64 is ? its not a pc !!! you probely wasnt born yet... ha ha ha... maybe now it can run windows 7 or some mac os... the c64 was a very good cpu i used to write simple program with the c64... c64 is a special cpu.. hope it will come back strong... would love to marry my 1st love.. please make a comeback !!! arise young skywalker.... you have fulfill your destiny

  13. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Patrick, if you've been around long enough to know what a C64 is, how come you don't have better grammar?

    1. Well C64 didn't have spell checking so..

  14. Anonymous11:50 AM

    That is simply a Cybernetman.

  15. it's just a pc in a c64ish case right ?

  16. Bottom line is that Commodore was a maker that was in its time the best, not over priced and better function. its time for the company to come back and put apple and other companies in their place to rethink and trim the bloated attitude. Commodore is the company that can give Ubuntu (linux) a chance to finally hit main stream and force micro$oft to start making the OS's more reasonably priced and apple to trim the price on their systems. When Commodore is back, its all I will buy...

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