Tuesday, December 09, 2008

SlingPostServlet demystified

One of the neatest things about Apache Sling (the JCR-based application framework) is its easy-to-use REST API, which allows you to do CRUD operations against a Java Content Repository using ordinary HTML web forms (or should I say, ordinary HTTP POST and GET), among many other interesting capabilities. The magic happens by way of a class called SlingPostServlet. Understanding that class is key, if you want to leverage the power of Sling without writing actual Java code.

Turns out there's an exceptionally thorough (and readable) discussion of the many capabilities of the SlingPostServlet at the Sling incubation area of Apache.org. You can think of it as the fully exploded version of Lars Trieloff's Cheat Sheet for Sling (an excellent resource). It's the next best thing to reading the source code.


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