Saturday, May 08, 2010

Chrome 5 aces browser benchmarks

Google has quietly released a new beta version of its Chrome browser, which not only blows other browsers out of the water in terms of performance, but comes with a handful of important new features, including direct integration of Adobe Flash.

In testing by Wolfgang Gruener, Chrome 5 was the clear performance winner. "In Google’s own V8 benchmark," Gruener writes, "Chrome 5 has set a new record on our system, scoring 4868 points, compared to 4456 of the most recent beta and 3804 of Chrome 4. This compares to 1945 for Safari 4.04, 654 for IE9 PP, 472 for Firefox 3.6.4 and 104 for IE8." The results are shown as a pie chart above.

The same results with Chrome 4 taken out of the picture make the comparison even more striking:


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    A pie chart is a terrible way to present this data. Benchmark numbers don't add up to any single whole. You should use a bar chart instead.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Not counting privacy - at which it blows its users out of the water rather than competitors.

  3. I'm curious how Opera 10.5x would look here - on release it was rivaling Chrome4 on V8 and beating it on SunSpider.

    Additionally, 3-dimensional pie charts are a bad idea in any circumstance; they make the segments near the bottom look much larger than they are and those near the top look smaller.

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Just tested Sunspider on my PC. Opera 10.5 is still faster (1.5x) than Chrome 5. You really should include it in your report and edit the first paragraph...

  5. And among pie charts, 3D ones are even worse. Elleptical deformation hinders comparison.

  6. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Opera 10.53 not in there.
    Terrible unintuitive graphs.
    Only mentions the V8 Benchmark, Chrome's own benchmarks. Should at least include a suite of them before claiming it 'aces benchmarks'.

  7. I'm not sure how to feel about Chrome's insanely fast rate of improvement. While I'm using Chrome myself, and have no doubt it's the best browser out there, I really liked the times of Firefox. The Pearl of Open Source was a way of showing the world that free software can be as good as any other, if not better.

    Firefox was the Kernel's greatest companion in the not-so-long list of award-deserving open source software. Even more so, Firefox was popular. Most open source projects cannot claim that.

    Oh well. I like your blog! Let me extend you an invitation to visit mine, Wireless Thoughts, you may find my last article to be of interest.

  8. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Doesn't Chrome = Gecko + V8? Eg, a large chunk of Chrome is Firefox?

  9. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It's Webkit (Safari), not Gecko.

  10. I agree the pie charts are a less than ideal way to present this data, and that it would be interesting to see Opera included.

    @Santiago while I feel a bit of nostalgia for FF as well it is worth noting that Chrome is the branded version of Chromium, which is open source.

    Chrome != Gecko + V8. It uses the WebKit rendering engine not Gecko

  11. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Why the fuck would you use a pie chart to represent performance? Are you fucking retarded?

  12. Obviously Opera 10.53 was faster than Chrome so in the interests of fairness ( Google) was omitted

  13. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Seriously a pie chart? How pithy of you...


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