Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Software Developer Training: Days Two and Three

I made it through Days Two and Three of developer training here at Day's Boston office. Under the expert tutelage of Kathy Nelson, the eight of us in the class got a solid grounding in:
  • Apache Sling and how it carries out script resolution. (For this, we used my August 16 blog post as a handout.)
  • Modularizing components and allowing for their reuse.
  • Enabling various WCM content management tools such as CQ's Sidekick, which help web authors to create and edit web pages.
  • Creating a Designer to provide a consistent look and feel to a website, and using a common CSS file.
  • Creating a navigation component that to provide dynamic navigation to all pages as they are added or removed by authors.
  • Adding log messages to .jsp scripts, and using the CRXDE debugger.
That was Day Two. On Day Three we focused on:
  • Creating components to display a customizable page title, logo, breadcrumbs, and configurable paragraph.
  • Creating and adding a complex component (containing text and images), to implement bespoke functionality.
  • Adding a Search component. (We saw 3 different ways to do this.)
  • Internationalization, so that dialogs displayed to web authors can be displayed in one of the 7 languages supported out-of-the-box by Day Communiqué.
By the end of the third day, we had written hundreds of lines of JSP and manually created scores upon scores of custom nodes and properties in the repository.

Still to come: Creating and consuming custom OSGi bundles; workflow; and performance optimization tools.

I can't wait!


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