Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Mantras for Software Professionals

See also yesterday's post.

First impressions count.

Being a category leader has no meaning if existing products are crap.

Never aspire to be best-in-category. Define a new category.

Never compare yourself to the competition. Your only competition is yourself.

Never borrow someone else's bar and set it higher. Design your own bar.

Refactor your thinking so you don't have to refactor code.

Good ideas are overrated. Good implementations are not.

Complexity cannot be made pretty.

A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

Excellence cannot be retrofitted.

If something's not right with your engineering culture, customers will notice.

There are no hard problems, only problems that aren't well defined.

Learning is the inevitable outcome of making mistakes, fixing them, and not repeating them.

If you aren't making mistakes, you're not doing it right. 

You can always do better.

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