Monday, April 20, 2009

Making Infectious Memes Fashionable

A parcel came today bearing a T-shirt. I nearly fell over laughing! I'm still laughing.

Thank you, Adriaan Bloem, for this wonderful gift.

And for those who want to know exactly what the inside joke is: please proceed directly to Jon's blog post here. (And see my comment immediately following it.)


  1. this is hilarious :))))ROFL

  2. Ha! You rock, Adriaan. Kas - I think you need to wear that all the time in the same way cats have to wear bells around their necks to protect the birds.

    And I think we owe someone some royalties 'cause I stole that image. Sadly, I've no idea who I stole it from 'cause it is all over the place on
    Google Images


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