Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Water Cooler

Futurist says today’s children will need to work until the age of 100 at 40 different jobs (WaPo).

In the U.S., men earn less today than in 1973 (, inflation-adjusted. Politicians, please discuss.

Is it time to nationalize pharmaceutical companies? ( Why do we allow these assholes to price-gouge the sick and dying? Why aren't normal profit ratios sufficient? See also

Austerity leads to rise in European suicides (

In the 16th Century, There Was no Facebook: There Were Friend Books (

The album amicorum of Michael van Meer, collected between 1613 and 1648. It contained 774 entries. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.
Is There a Valid Way to Calculate the Age of Your Heart? ( The calculator is actually here, but read the article for great tips on how to judge heart health.

More Americans have died by gunshot in the last 25 years than have died in all U.S. wars since 1776 (, mostly by suicide, a fact seldom mentioned in articles of this kind.

Naked Capitalism: The Rise and Fall of Online Porn ( I love this sentence: "There is also much excitement about 'teledildonics': remote-control technologies that allow people thousands of miles apart to control each other’s gadgets." Is it too late to become a teledildonics magnate? I want the business card, at least.

Ever wonder which animals kill the most humans?

Why Is Infant Mortality So High in the U.S.? ( Poor access to health care. Duh.

Paying CEOs fat bonuses for stock performance doesn't work — Cornell study (

Dept. Says Cop Followed Procedure When He Mistook a 70-Yo Man’s Stroke for DUI and Beat Him ( Of course! What else are you supposed to do?

In the UK, medical practices offered incentives to cut urgent referrals (

A Third of Cactuses Are at Risk of Extinction (

Driving Makes Us Dumb, Sick, and Lonely (

Third-quarter investor flight wiped record $10 trillion off global stocks ( according to Bank of America ML.

A Tidal Wave 500 Feet High ( The largest tsunami ever recorded happened 73,000 years ago.

Bitcoin and Beyond ( What will it take to build a better Bitcoin? Fear not: People are working on it.

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