Saturday, September 26, 2009

A fix for the dreaded iTunes -9812 error

Just found a fix for a problem that's been driving me nuts for a month.

A few weeks ago, sometime in early September, I tried to go to the iTunes store and found myself locked out of my iTunes account. Anything I tried to do that involved a transaction of any kind resulted in an alert dialog that said: "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-9812)." That's it. No diagnostic information, no tips, no links, no help whatsoever. A less useful dialog box, I cannot begin to imagine.

Apple's site was of no use whatsoever. The troubleshooting advice I found there was incredibly lame. And of course, the -9812 error code means exactly what the dialog says it means: Unknown Error.

I figured there must be someone, on one of the forums, who would have found the answer to this problem. I did a lot of searching (and wading through a lot of lame "did you try this? did you try that?" non-answers), to no avail.

Finally, on September 18, Mike P. Ryan posted what (for me) turned out to be the solution, on

The problem? A corrupt or missing trusted root certificate for iTunes. How or why this got messed up on my Vista machine, I don't know, but the same thing has clearly happened to boatloads of people, judging from the uproar on the discussion boards. The cure is to download Microsoft's latest trusted root certificate update from here: Follow the wizard instructions carefully, because you need to download two executables, not just one.

Note that the fix works for Win XP as well as Vista.

Mike, if you're reading this, thanks!


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    downloaded both exe's and the latest version of itunes, installed, restarted and all to no avail.. someone needs to figure this one out (hint hint apple - make yur shit work)

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I had this issue, this ended up being the fix, thanks for doing the leg work on this one.

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Thanks a lot. I have been working on for this for about 2 weeks for a friend. I did some of the leg work to looking through all the forums and found nothing that worked. This worked for me. Thanks again.

  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Thank you thank you thank you. This fixed it. Well done

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    HELL YEAH! It worked!

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Downloaded rootsup.exe and WGAPluginInstall.exe, installed, and it work, thanks a million!

  7. Thanks for sharing nice infromation. I have really needed it. I am suffering with same problem since few weeks.

  8. Anonymous5:13 AM

    thanks for posting this - tried for weeks to find a fix for a girl I'm dating: getting laid thanks to you!

  9. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Was on the phone with Apple tech support and was told that it was my fire wall. 1 hr later, the rep still couldn't help. Thank you for your help! I downlaoded the certificate and can once again buy music!

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    This worked for me!!!

    Thank you! I have a thread on this on the apple forums and you are correct they are no help. Apple "support" is useless. They actually told me to tell Microsoft that THEIR program wasn't working. They didn't even tell me what the error was that I should tell Microsoft.

  11. Anonymous2:11 PM

    this worked ! OHMYGOD thank you!

  12. Anonymous8:55 AM

    it worked, just like you said! Thanks for through the malarkey and posting the fix. Apple should send you some royalties for one-upping their incredibly-convoluted help page on this topic. Thanks again!

  13. Ghassan3:55 AM

    Well! i am on mac os and i have this problem anyone can help?

  14. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Thank you so much for that. I have been tearing my hair out for weeks making all sorts of changes to firewalls and hosts. One quick download (well, two like you said) and it is all sorted. You are an angel. :-)

  15. Anonymous11:23 AM


    Absolutley brilliant. I've tried so many things - Apple are clueless (or unwilling) - A thousand thankyou's. :)

  16. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Ok.... seriously... its been 6 months I've been having this problem when hitting the "Get" or "subscribe" button to a podcast. (All purchases were fine). I install the two darn things... and even without re-booting OR RESTARTING ITUNES OR RESEARCHING FOR THE PODCAST... IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous8:15 AM

    You are FANTASTIC !!!!!!! IT WORKS. Thank You

  18. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Unfortunately, this didn't work for me, however, removing the iTunesPrefs.xml file located in C:\Documents and Settings\yourUser\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes did work. Per this post:

  19. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Thanks, this finally worked for me afte almost 6 months of no access to iTunes!

  20. Anonymous4:34 AM

    it wont start chrome won't open the download

  21. Anonymous1:24 AM

    ah! it works! thanks so much, i was about to go to the apple store and complain!

  22. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Worked. Thank you.

  23. Anonymous6:29 AM

    WOW IT WORKED... date worked JUNE 25, 2010 6/25/10. I just downloaded the new ipod update for the itouch and it screwed me over but thanks to you i suppose i am ok thanks so much! And be careful with the installer link thats posted, its 3 different downloads people... not two, three....

  24. Anonymous11:55 AM

    25/06/10.. thank you so much! I am a complete technophobe and managed this!!

  25. Anonymous12:17 AM

    FO-shitzelll my mutha FN-nizzal that totally worked yeah!!... thnx

  26. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Tried everything from computer restart, itunes restart, router restart, modem restart, firewall settings, several suggested changes on internet options, DLL files.
    This finally fixed the problem.

  27. This didn't help me because I keep getting an error message that I can't bloody validate. Which I don't understand cause unless the Microsoft store in freaking Redmond WA is selling counterfeit junk then I'm up the proverbial creek.
    I keep getting error code 0x80072efd. Aaaarrgghhh

  28. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I had this problem after updating my touch to software ver 4. I could access the store from my computer but my Ipod only showed Itunes symbol and cable. Your solution fixed the problem thanks for your assistance.

  29. Had this problem - followed instructions as requested. Worked first time! Genius. Thanks for saving so much of my time trying to get to the bottom of this.

  30. Worked for me! Thanks for the tip!!

  31. Anonymous9:25 AM


  32. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Downloaded v4 for my iPod Touch and got the error, but found your directions to the fix. It worked. Thank you much!

  33. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Does this fix only apply to people using Windows Firewall, as I have Norton Security?

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