Friday, February 12, 2010

Saving tab sets in Firefox

I blogged last summer about Using Mozilla Jetpack to save tab ensembles, giving a bit of POC-quality code, but now Davide Ficano has done a proper job of things and written a Jetpack script that lets you name and persist open-tab states, using a very natural set of UI gestures.

TabGroup Organizer allows you to save all open tabs as a group and then reopen all with a click. After installation, a new multifolder icon (that gives rise to a context menu when right-clicked) is present on the statusbar in the lower-right corner of the browser window:

Using this Jetpack script, I can finally save tab ensembles and come back to them later -- a real productivity win, for me. Thank you, Davide!

And since the code is open-source, I'm going to reproduce it here (scroll sideways to see the parts that don't wrap):


var tabGroupStorage =;

html: "<img src='data:binary;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAABYAAAAWCAYAAADEtGw7AAAABHNCSVQICAgIfAhkiAAAAAlwSFlzAAADdgAAA3YBfdWCzAAAABl0RVh0U29mdHdhcmUAd3d3Lmlua3NjYXBlLm9yZ5vuPBoAAAGiSURBVDiNrZUxayJBGIafb9zWU6ukEQ7ObuEIpEqTMiDslf6L%2Bxd3%2F%2BT%2BQlKkszqEg8AWiiI2SghiI6dyiDP7pQi72birNwm%2BMDDMzPt%2BL%2FO9Oyuqig9E5AwIASnZVmCkqo%2BvK6r%2FHcB5r9eb7na7xFqbWGt1byRxHD8Bn1OO%2BDgWkRtr7f1sNjt4ptlsEgRBpKp3AIHXPUBgjAGgXq8XNpfLJSICYDKCiNRbrVYEaPICBXDOqXMuUVWt1WpfPA28OgEuR6PRr9TRRyAiqeM3wgBMp9ODpBSVSoXFYsFwOCTfm81mw3g8BvgqIg%2Bq%2BhjkSdVq9aiz%2BXzOarWi3W4XHAJYa3%2F2%2B%2F3vInKVCRtjSg%2FnMRgMiKKIY%2BkIw%2FAcCN8lbK3FNx2Z8Hq9ptvtvmnE%2FnwymRwtnEcmHMcxnU6HU6UjyC%2BCfzrKri1vKtiv5JOOQygIA5mYTxN9hf8YY74BF865HycTVtW%2FwK2I%2FDuF40LzUpR9977I80qFfcn7KG1eSjLGsN1u%2FW0eKFpw3Gg0PiRaKJI%2BfyLyCbim%2FGf5Xvx%2BBkJNxrS0dvEEAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC' width='20px'>",
onReady: function(doc) {[
{label: "Save Tabs...",
command: function() {
var win = jetpack.tabs.focused.contentWindow;
var name = win.prompt("Enter the name for tabs group");
if (name) {
var arr = [];
jetpack.tabs.forEach(function(tab) {
tabGroupStorage[name] = arr;;
{label : "Restore tabs",
menu: new jetpack.Menu({
beforeShow : function(menuitem, context) {
for (var i in tabGroupStorage) {
menuitem.add({label : i + " (" + tabGroupStorage[i].length + ")", data : i});
command : function(menuitem) {
tabGroupStorage[].forEach(function(url) {;
}); =;
{label: "Delete Group...",
command: function() {
var win = jetpack.tabs.focused.contentWindow;
if (typeof ( != "undefined") {
if (win.confirm("Delete the current group '" + + "'?'")) {
delete tabGroupStorage[];
} else {
win.alert("You must select a group from menu before delete it");
The data URL -- the big long line near the top that contains
data:binary;base64,iVBORw0K ...
-- is of course the raw bytestream for the multifolder icon. The rest of the code is more or less self-explanatory. It uses the mechanism for persistence.

Nice going, Davide Ficano. Ten thumbs up!


  1. Just wanna point out that this has been builtin in Opera since... ever? ;)

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