Thursday, June 04, 2015

Biology Posts by Yours Truly: A Recap

I've done a number of posts on biological topics over the past three years here. These are a few of them:

The Primordial Nature of Phage Genes
Virus Genes Don't Always Come from the Host
A Virus with a Metabolic Gene
A Virus, a Worm, and a Louse Walk into a Bar
Viral Abduction of Proteins
Nucleus-like Viruses and Their Enzymes
A Surprise in an Algal Virus
How Quickly Did Life Arise on Earth?
Why Do Some Bacteria Have GC-rich DNA?
Bacteria in Hail Stones
A Catalase Conundrum
Strict Anaerobes that Produce Catalase
Genes, Codons, and Purines
Are Some Leprosy Pseudogenes Turned On?
A Stroll on the Beach in 1,000,000,000 B.C.
The GGAGG Reflex
Are Overapping Genes Real?
How Antisense Genes Are Discovered
Bidirectionally Overlapping Genes
Codons and Reverse Complement Codons
The Pathogen's Playbook
Coming to Grips with Pseudogenes
Pseudogenes Are Not Junk DNA
Whooping Cough Genomics
The Most Deadly Pathogen of All Time
Are Dead Genes Still Alive in the Leprosy Bacillus?
Why Do So Many Codons Begin with a Purine?
A Binary Signal in the Second Codon Base
The First Base in a Codon is Usually a Purine
Frameshift Errors in Leprosy Bacterium DNA
Why So Many Helicases?
A Different Approach to Anti-Aging
Thermometer Genes
How Do Bacteria Survive Radiation Damage?
March of the Microbes
A Manganese Catalase Fusion Protein
The Other Catalase
Odd Structures in a Prophage Genome
A Gene Heatmap
A Large Genome with Lots of Structure
Not All Organisms Use Amino Acids the Same Ways
Comparative Genomics Using the Canvas API
Why Mitochondrial DNA is Different
More about Mitochondrial DNA
Strand Asymmetry in Mitochondrial DNA
Highly Expressed Genes: Better-Repaired?
DNA Strand Asymmetry: More Surprises
Do-It-Yourself Phylogenetic Trees
Shedding Light on DNA Strand Asymmetry
DNA Repair 101
An Evolutionary Debate that Misses the Point
Shannon Entropy and DNA
Chiggers, Scrub Tyhpus, and Pseudogenes
Looking for LUCA
Which Direction Does the Gene Point?
The Pseudogene Hall of Fame
More Secrets of the Virus World
Virus Genes Don't Come from Host Genes
Evolution of Prophage Genes
Evolution of Viral Genes vs. Host Genes
How to Build Your Own Phylo Trees with Mega6
Where Do Virus Genes Come From?
Anaerobic Catalases and Codon Pseudodegeneracy
Problems with the Tuberculosis Genome
Making Sense of Antisense
The "Hypothetical Protein" Problem
A JavaScript Tip for Biohackers
Ancient Drug Resistance Genes
Fixing the Genome Annotation Nightmare
Biology's Dirty Little Secret
A Tale of Nematodes, Scarabs, Germs, and Genes
A Strange Codon Symmetry
A Tale of Two Microbes
Deep-Sea Vents: The Mosquito Connection

Almost all of these posts relate to microbial genetics and/or bioinformatics.

I've also written 40 "biological" articles for BigThink, which can be seen here.