Friday, June 05, 2015

Friday Water Cooler

What's behind the Wall Street suicide problem? ( And:

Why Are Rates of Suicide Soaring Across the Planet? (

Wikileaks is offering a $100K bounty for a complete copy of the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement ( This is the trade agreement with terms so controversial, it can't be negotiated in public.

In Canada this week, tobacco companies were ordered to pay $15 billion in damages ( They'll appeal, of course. But they have to pay out $1 billion in the meantime.

The baloney detection kit ( Carl Sagan's rules for bullshit detection.

United Arab Emirates reportedly planning a Mars mission.
UAE turns to space exploration as oil dries up ( UAE is thinking 50 years ahead, to a time when most of its oil will be gone.

Hillary begins to feel the heat ( "Insiders familiar with the thinking of the Clinton campaign described it as 'frightened' of Sanders — not that he would win the nomination, but that he could damage her with the activist base by challenging her on core progressive positions in debates and making her look like a centrist or corporatist."

The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (PDF), by Guy Standing, outlines the political dimensions of job crapification, sounding a warning for neo-liberals. Grab the free download while it lasts.

Another great free book: The State of Working America (Economic Policy Institute). Easy to read, with graphs and data showing what has happened to the American economy. (Hint: It ain't pretty.) Read this book and decide for yourself whether the rosy picture of the current economic "recovery" painted by the Fed and others might, in fact, be bullshit.

U.S. millionaires don't feel financially secure (

Police misconduct costs billions (  

Almost 50% of restaurant workers' families in the U.S. ( are on public assistance of some kind. Taxpayers get the bill when businesses don't pay a proper wage.

Why the U.S. is butting heads with China in the South China Sea ( Useful for understanding the sabre-rattling.

Working with an Elegant Idea in a Messy and Chaotic World: Thoughts on Real-World Implementation of Basic Income ( Small PDF. Big ideas. Many variations now being discussed; some of the newer monikers are "QE for the people" and helicopter money. More on this in a future post.

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