Friday, July 03, 2015

Friday Water Cooler

The crisis in non-fiction publishing (, or: how non-fiction books have become really, really long Tweets.

Online is IRL ( Chuck Wendig with an important reminder that there's no online persona, online brand, etc.; there's just you.

Donna Bahorich, homeschooler. Head of Texas Board of Ed.
Texas Board of Ed Will Be Headed by a Homeschooler ( Anyone else see the problem here?

Why do neoliberals push austerity? ( Because it serves the class interest of the precious-snowflake "too delicate to tax" upper class. Whatever makes you poor makes them richer. Why is this so hard to understand?

From Doubles Tennis to Internet Porn: My Year as a Supreme Court Clerk, by Ted Cruz ( Actually very fun to read. Kudos, Cruz.

Conservatives frustrated by GOP's inability to attract working women (WaPo). Shocker: Female heads-of-households are increasingly alienated by rich old white guys.

Al Gore: "Too early" to back Hillary Clinton ( Little-known fact: Gore's venture capital firm, Generation Investment Management, was founded in London with David Blood, yet somehow they didn't name it Blood & Gore.

Since 2007, the U.S. has lost 1.4 million manufacturing
jobs and gained 1.4 million waiters and bartenders
(via @zerohedge). Click to enrage.
Connecticut sees 40% reduction in firearms homicides after gun law (

FBI Builds Silencers for the Mentally Ill ( This is how our government pads the domestic-terrorist numbers? Bizarre.

Psychotherapy Is Becoming Less Effective (this blog). We're living in psychotherapy's End Times.

The Church of Self-Help ( There’s a reason the poor don’t rise up against inequality. Our culture shames them.

Contingent workers make up 40% of the workforce ( Soon to be 90%.

Puerto Rico's Pain Tied to U.S. Wage System ( But will they leave the Dollarzone?

Who Will Own the Robots? ( Or will they own us?

Self-serve McDonalds.

How Technology Destroys Jobs ( Article is from 2013, but still important for understanding what's happening to the economy.

Dutch city of Utrecht to try universal basic income ( Also see:

A World Without Work ( And as to how it gets paid for:

The Basic Affordability of Basic Income (

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