Saturday, April 11, 2015

Today's News, Such as It Is

I get some of my news from, which is a nifty/thrifty news aggregator that gets updated often and doesn't overload me with a lot of text (nor images). I can scan it quickly. Unfortunately, the day's "news" often turns out to be a quagmire of clickbait bullshit stories from HuffPost and other shameless crockery purveyors who know nothing about real journalism. Here's a sample of today's bullshit news (10:00am Eastern US time, 11 April 2015) and how I tend to rate it.


WTFGAS = Who the f*ck gives a shit?
PGC = Polite golf clap
YGTBFKM = You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me
GFYWWT = go f*ck yourself, whoever wrote this
+ = possibly interesting
++ = interesting

White House Complex Creates Gender-Neutral Bathroom
Pilots Donate Time, Fuel To Fly Dogs Facing Euthanasia To Rescue Shelters PGC
What Your Favorite Music Festival Says About You WTFGAS
Family of Walter Scott wants Rev. Al Sharpton to keep away +
The Queen makes the most of the sunshine during trot through Windsor Great Park WTFGAS
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser trailer pairs Snapchat and The Matrix WTFGAS
No one on the internet can figure out if this cat is going up or down these stairs YGTBFKM
Toronto Cop Luke Watson Dyes His Hair Pink To Combat Homophobia And Anti-LGBT Bullying PGC
It's Time to Consider Veganism if You Care About California's Drought PGC
Mom Wakes Up From Coma to Find She's Had Her Baby +
Lowe's To Stop Selling Neonicotinoid Pesticides That May Be Harmful To Bees PGC
Abby Swinfield 'has heart attacks and dies after taking M-Cat' ???
Boston bombers’ mom: US ‘will pay for my sons’ ++
This Photo Of Two Women Embracing Shows Something Truly Dangerous GFYWWT
Witness Who Recorded Police Shooting Meets With Walter Scott's Family During Emotional Reunion ++
Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday en route to Iowa PGC
State Department, Pentagon sued by 41 Americans demanding rescue from war-torn Yemen - Pakistan lawmakers vote to stay out of Yemen conflict - Iran leaders blast US claims on nuke deal, make heavy demands ++
Being fat in middle age reduces risk of developing dementia, researchers say +
This boy's goldfish funeral will break your heart GFYWWT
Hillary Clinton will launch presidential campaign this weekend, sources say - VIDEO: Will Clinton face trouble in Iowa? PGC
The 22 most dependable airlines in the world PGC
Jon Stewart: Kansas Is America's 'Welfare Queen' +
Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid Sunday with video PGC
College basketball player Lauren Hill dies of brain cancer +
Forget the dress: Is this cat going up or down the stairs? GFYWWT
Reports: Clinton to jump into presidential race Sunday Enough already
Hillary Clinton To Announce 2016 Campaign On Sunday Enough already
Lauren Hill Dead At 19 After Battle With Brain Cancer +
Federal Eye: Puerto Ricans who can’t speak English qualify as disabled for Social Security GFYWWT
Hillary Clinton To Announce Presidential Bid On Sunday PGC
Lauren Hill, inspirational college basketball player, dies after battle with brain cancer +
Defeating Polio, The Disease That Paralyzed America +
Pregnant woman wakes from coma, is told she had baby +
Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Run for President on Sunday PGC
Rainbow ruler: President Obama delivers a colorful farewell as he leaves Jamaica WTFGAS
It's official: Michael Kors isn't cool anymore WTFGAS
Woman in coma has baby +
32 Amazing Things About Having A Sister WTFGAS
LeBron James -- Farewell Letter to Lauren Hill ... 'You'll Never Be Forgotten' +
Your Song Of The Week: Kendrick Lamar's 'King Kunta' WTFGAS
Aww! Blake Lively picks 'Traveling Pants' co-stars as baby James' godmothers WTFGAS
Kansas man accused of plotting to detonate bomb at Fort Riley military base - Fort Hood shooting victims receive long-delayed Purple Hearts, may still have to fight for benefits - OPINION: Why did it take so long to honor Ft. Hood heroes? ++
'HUMILIATING' EXPERIENCE Are US workers training foreign replacements? +
How 2 Teen Girls Saved a Stranger Who Wasn't Breathing +
President Obama -- Strikes Lightning Pose ... With Usain Bolt WTFGAS
Elizabeth Warren Shares How She Learned To 'Stand Up' And 'Speak Out' PGC
Funniest Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week GFYWWT
Say cheese! Meet these adorable baby otters named 'Monterey' and 'Jack' GFYWWT
Gwyneth Paltrow Will Live On A $29 Food Stamp Budget For A Week GFYWWT

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