Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Who Pays Taxes in the U.S.?

Correction 4/15/2015: Text stands corrected. Graph unchanged.

April 15 is tax-filing deadline day in the U.S., so I thought it might be a good time to show this graph from Citizens for Tax Justice. It should be helpful for, say, presidential candidates who need to debate whether the tax situation in the U.S. is "fair."

The bottom 20% of earners make 3.2% of the income and pay 2% of the nation's taxes, while the top 1% make 22.2% of all income while accounting for 23.8% of taxes. Note that the "taxes" tallied here include all taxes, not just income tax.

Candidates: please discuss.

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  1. Hi Kas, is the key to the graph correct? If so it shows the opposite of what you're saying. That would surprise me.

    1. Corrected the text. The graph is unchanged. I had the discussion wrong but it is now fixed.

  2. Without population and actual income ranges the graph is misleading, it implies that wealthy are over taxed. In reality the top 20% make so much more income and are such a small group the burden of paying what they pay is nothing compared to the middle class. The middle class tax payer will pay 30-45% of income to all taxes. The highest earners in this chart the 1% pay less than 15% 15% of millions is not a burden. 35% of a 80,000 income is. This highlights the problem with "Taxation" special interest groups. They are funded by the wealthy to spread misinformation to the middle class, to make them believe that tax cuts for the wealthy are needed. They have successfully convinced the lower and middle class that by taxing the wealthy equally less will make their lives better.

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